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NoCOLD Attack! Day/Night Formula Bundle

NoCOLD Attack!

When you start seeing signs of an incoming illness, launch an all out attack! NoCOLD Attack! is formulated to assist your body in minimizing your downtime and getting you back on your feet as soon as possible*. The main ingredients in the NoCOLD Attack! formula stack have been shown to support the immune system while fighting various illnesses by providing the immune system with vital nutrients*. Our Day Time Formula is designed to spread the dosing of nutrients across the day for maximum absorbtion and impact. Our Night Time Formula is designed to be taken at night before bed, a critical time for cellular repair and immune function. The night formula will improve sleep in addition to increasing anti-inflammatory response and immune function*.

- Can help reduce illness duration when taken at the first sign of symptoms*

- Fortifies immune function*

- Inhibits inflammatory responses*

- Allows cells to absorb higher levels of zinc*

- Supports production of NAD+, which declines with age*

- Supports production of Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant*

- Night Time Formula: Supports healthy sleep and provides extra support to fight increased inflammation caused by illness*

Full Product Labels (PDF): NoCOLD Attack DayNoCOLD Attack Night

The SciNutrics difference: we develop our products with some of the best compounds available. Why bother with low-quality ingredients or improper dosing that isn't effective? You also won't see hidden proprietary formulas in our capsules. We believe in full transparency. SciNutrics supplements are carefully formulated to achieve real results at an incredible value. Our #1 & #2 goals are improving customer health and overall customer satisfaction.

 Key Ingredients (As Recommended Combined Bundle Dosing - 2x Day, 1x Night)

High Dose Elemental Zinc: 34mg per serving (102mg/day). Zinc has been shown to assist cells in fighting off and shortening the duration of illness*.

Quercetin: 120mg per serving (360mg/day). Quercetin is a power flavanoid antioxident and is a well known Zinc Ionophore. Quercetin assists zinc with entry into the cell amplifying it's effect*.

Vitamin C: 200mg per serving (600mg/day). This well known immune enhancer is a necessity to all immune support protocols*.

Vitamin D3: 3200IU per serving (9600IU/day). Vitamin D3 plays a critical role in promoting immune response. Those with lower levels of Vitamin D have been shown to getting sick more often and take longer to recover*.

Niacin (Non-Flushing): 50mg/25mg per serving (125mg/day). Evidence suggests that niacin is an effective NAD+ booster. Research also suggests that Niacin helps the immune system by reducing inflammation & damage to the lungs*.

Vitamin B6: 10mg/20mg per serving (40mg/day). Vitamin B6 is responsible for producing white blood cells & T-cells*.

L-Cysteine/L-Glutamine: 20mg/20mg of each per serving (60mg each/day). These 2 amino acids combine with L-Glycine (Provided with our Zinc Glycinate) to form one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body, Glutathione. Glutathione stimulates the production & activation of immune system natural killer cells, your body's frontline soldiers*.

Curcumin: 20mg/night. Curcumin is recognized as a potent modulator of the immune system and has been shown to be anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-viral. It has also be shown to promote good sleep at night*.

Elderberry: 20mg per serving (60mg/day). Elderberry has been commonly used as a cold and flu fighting remedy for ages and has been shown to enhance immune function*.

Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG): 20mg per day serving (40mg/day). EGCG is a Zinc Ionophore helping to push zinc into cells to assist with immune function. It has also been shown to have a dramatic effect on T-cell activation, proliferation, differentiation and production of cytokines. Green Tea is also known for having various antioxidants that assist with immune function. To prevent any affect on sleep, this is only added in our daytime formulas*.

Melatonin: 10mg/night. When most of us think of melatonin we think of it's possible effects on sleep. What isn't as well known is that Melatonin has major anti-inflammatory effects on our body. Melatonin also triggers the proliferation of T-cells and assists with removal of pathogens and debris from cells. It's basically giving you a one/two punch at night, allowing you to sleep and assisting your body in recovering from illness*.

 Suggested Use

Ages 14 and up, at 1st sign of symptoms take 1 Day capsule 2 times a day and 1 Night capsule before bed daily until symptoms resolve.

For maximum results, NoCOLD Attack! Day & Night Formula should be used together:
- Morning: 1 capsule of Day Formula
- Mid-Day: 1 capsule of Day Formula
- Night: 1 capsule of Night Formula

 Day Formula Supplement Facts
NoCOLD Attack! Day Supplement Facts
 Night Formula Supplement Facts
NoCOLD Attack! Night Supplement Facts

 Complete NoCOLD Product Matrix
NoCOLD Attack!
NoCOLD Attack!
NoCOLD Attack! Kids
NoCOLD Attack! Kids
NoCOLD Daily Immunity
NoCOLD Daily Immunity
NoCOLD Daily Immunity Kids
NoCOLD Daily Immunity Kids
Use Max Immune Support during Illness* Max Immune Support during Illness* Immune Booster for Daily Use* Immune Booster for Daily Use*
For Ages 14 and up Kids ages 4 and up Ages 14 and up Kids ages 4 and up
When to Take 1st sign of symptoms 1st sign of symptoms Daily Daily

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